Why do sheep prices differ

Why do sheep prices differ

A hilltribe in the Himalayas came to the market to sell the sheep.
When a man was about to buy a sheep, the master took the sheep and headed for the mountain.
The master let the sheep eat grass and eat the grass.

The two ended the bargain after they had seen it for a long time.
A foreigner who watched it looked strange.
Yang’s price was also incomprehensible.

Even at a glance, the sheep and chubby sheep were sold at a cheaper price than the dry sheep.
The foreigner asked the person who sold the sheep why.
The owner of Yang said, “It is not the weight or the appearance, but the usual habit and the price is decided.

“When you eat grass, the amount of food that goes up from bottom to top is lower than the amount of eating grass.”

When the foreigner realized what he was talking about, he said again.

“When you get down from the cliff-topped Himalayas and get tired of the habit of eating grass, I do not know how to climb up without a grass starved to die because it is.”

The same is true of man.
What habits you have determines the value of the person.